About Our Corporate

"The Management Power of Yearning, Learning and Earning."

SIGAP is owned and managed by professionals specializing in industrial security and risk management services. The company was originally developed as a diversity of the group businesses and needs to ensure that the undertaking company’s operations are well managed in a safe, efficient and profitable manner without being impaired by unexpected risks, security problems or threats.

SIGAP offers a wide range and visionary industrial security and risk management services to meet the globalization challenges and convincingly capable to face impairments resulting from rigorous circumstances through the measure of deterrents and some degree of protections to preserve mankind activities in a safe and orderly manner. These tasks may be introduced in various manifestation, desirably from management to operation, technical to physical, and conventional to state of the arts technology approaches.

The Client’s gratifications are our main objective, thus our corporate approach is to constantly maintain and consistently achieve our commitments to be your partner to fulfilling the needs and desires of our clients. We provide superior and sustainable services for the benefits of the country in general and for the benefits of our clients in particular, admirely to achieving long lasting and enduring growth for all.

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