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The Republic Of Indonesia is the largest archipelago nation on the world. The more than 17,000 islands that make up this rapidly developing country are home to over 200 million people, the fourth largest population in the world. Indonesia has been in the fast track of economy growth for many years and became one of the most attractive countries to invest as there are always viable opportunities to meet the global markets.

The Asia Pacific is destined to become the world’s largest free trade area in the 21st century, dubbed the Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) agreement to create an Asia-Pacific Free Trade Area, effective by 2010 for Industrial members and by 2020 for member developing countries. The world’s free trade and globalization was one of the reasons where SIGAP existed together with government reforms, changes in policies and regulations on security issues to promote the involvement of independent and professional security providers.

In Indonesia, SIGAP means responsive, keep alert, consistent and sustainable, and was designed and developed to fulfill the challenge on security issues resulting from the crisis and till now. As the name implied, SIGAP have been succeeded to establish their services, recognized and have deployment almost throughout the country to secure, to protect, and to safe company assets and operations.

As reflected in the licenses owned, SIGAP offers Industrial Security and Risk Management (HESS) services for broad range of objects and assets such as private homes and properties, agriculture and aquaculture, factories, high rise buildings (offices, hotels, shopping malls and entertainment centers), transportation, ports, petrochemical, oil and gas plants, ships (offshore), etc. including the respective audits and compliances, and International Standard Code of Practice i.e. International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). As a fast growing security services provider, SIGAP has been designated to be led by a management team of highly motivated, competent and farsighted professionals in gearing up to face even greater challenge on security issues in close coordination with POLRI and Armed Forces both centrally and regionally.

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